Sr. Compiler Engineer – OpenJDK Software Engineer


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About the role:

What will I be accountable for?

o  Work on feature enablement and optimization of open source programming languages, libraries and virtual machines (e.g. OpenJDK and related projects) on Arm architecture.

o  Work with Arm US/UK teams and communities to develop, validate and upstream patches.

o  Work with Arm server and networking hardware teams to optimize enterprise subsystems designs.

o  Work with Arm CPU architecture team on new CPU feature enablement in LLT related OSS projects.

o  Drive and push architecture mutual and Arm friendly solutions in the communities.

o  Be flexible, with a variety of software development skills and a commitment to extend the breadth and depth of knowledge.


What capabilities, experience, and qualifications do I need?

o  Master degree in Computer Science or Electronic Engineering, or other engineering degree with relevant experience.

o  At least 3 years of working experience on software development and optimization.

o  Proficiency in one or more programming languages, e.g. C/C++, Java, etc.

o  Good understanding of virtual machine, compiler related technology.

o  Knowledge on computer architecture, ISA, assembly (x86 and/or Arm64), and Arm64 is preferred.

o  Familiar with Linux and related distributions, e.g. RHEL, CentOS, SUSE, Ubuntu, etc.

o  Clear and effective written and verbal communication skills in English and Chinese.

o  Able to work in complex environment under pressure with teamwork spirit, effective time-management and prioritization skills.


Desired Capabilities & Experiences:

o  Experience in various Linux tools related to source code version control, code review, bug tracking, CI/CD, e.g. Git/Gerrit/Jira/Jenkins, etc.

o  Experience in dealing with complex issues with open source community.

o  Knowledge of Java and Go internals is a plus.

o  Experience with standard GNU/Linux tool chains, shells, and build tools.

o  Experience with assembly programming, and Arm64 is preferred.

o  Familiar with Arm architecture and SoC, such as concepts of pipeline, cache, MMU and NUMA, and how these hardware facts impact high-level software performance.

o  Familiar with testing methodology and test automation.

o  Familiar with open source project development and patch contribution processes.

o  Familiar with Linux performance analysis tools and system level performance tuning.

l  Familiar with Agile software development methodology such as Scrum or Kanban.












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