Principal/Staff Software Engineer -Compilers


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The essential skills or experiences includes

Strong large-scale software development skills in C and C++ programming languages

Familiar with open source projects and their working models

Any experience in all functions of software development tools for CPU, GPU, DSP, or similar software projects with popular systems for repository, tracking, reviewing, releasing, verification, and analysis.

Proficiency in computer architecture, memory/bus architecture, and debug/trace architecture, or development software architecture targeting for power-efficient embedded systems.

Mastery of problem solving, technology innovation, engineer enablement, as well as teamwork scope negotiation and commitment

Exposure to all stages of the engineering process from exploration and proof-of-concept, to delivery and maintenance

Excellent communication and people skill in written and spoken English

MSEE/CE/CS/Math related education


The desirable skills or experiences include:Experience in performance or power analysis methodologies, GNU or Linux foundation projects, vector processing compilation, as well as software verification

Knowledge in computing security architecture, parallel computing architecture, hardware reliability architecture, system application use cases, system application integration and programming, as well as system level debugging, benchmarking, and profiling

Skillfulness in variety of programming languages such as CPU assembly languages (preferably ARM), C/C++ languages, or Perl/TCL/Python scripts, XML/JSON markup languages, or other object-oriented or functional programming languages

Experience of working cross sites in global teams








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